Lejog on a Spa Elan


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Hi im just wondering if any body out there has done any light touring on a spa Elan probably lejog. I like the look of this bike looks top value for money... Thanks


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@lane @Jenkins @Heltor Chasca all have an Elan iirc

Do a search, there may be more

Go to Spa, try it out as this chap did recently

Heltor Chasca

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Perfect choice IMO.

I went for the 105 triple (very hilly here) with hand built Archetype H Plus Son wheels and Schmidt Son dynohub. Edelux 2 brights and a little rear lamp. Love the sloping top tube and as you say fantastic value. I use it for Audax which on the longer rides is basically light touring. I have a light Tubus rack when I use panniers. Plenty of photos of it on here.


Yes done some light credit card style touring on my Elan which it is ideal for. Spa will let you have a good test ride and try more than one size if you need to. Very happy with mine comfortable for long distances.


If by light touring you mean Hotel/Hostel/B&B, and what luggage you can get in a moderate handlebar bag and 25 - 30 L of rear luggage (Camper Longflap, Ortlieb Sport Rollers or Sport Packers), you'll be fine.

What won't be fine will be packing full camping gear (moderately priced), all on the back. You'll get there OK, and probably enjoy yourself the same, but you'll probably find the bike handling pretty disconcerting, for the first 3 or 4 days at least.
If you do want to camp you'd be looking at spending on ultralight gear, or doing without various items and putting up with the resulting discomforts.
Alternatively, Spa do offer a steel fork for the Elan, with front pannier mounts that would allow the weight to be better distributed.
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