Leeds - Scarborough 7 September 2019



A great ride and a good night out - as always. Great to see everyone.


Even though I wasn't able to ride, I still had a good weekend. Friday medicinal beers in Leeds with the good Dr Claude, prepped by meeting up with Naz for a 'swift one' which turned in a very long chat about all sorts and was highly enjoyable. Whilst dinner wasn't had in either of two recommended places, I was very happy with the final choice, although alka seltzer would have been a useful after dinner drink! I ate way too much, but the food was so worth it.

A leisurely train ride into Scarborough with no pain until later in the day didn't ruin proceedings, just dulled it a little. Good company with Scarborough fireworks that night. The bike show had been missed by about 15 minutes, which was a pity, but The Final Four decamped to a suitable boozer for (almost) final drinks. The good Dr may have gently twisted my arm into having a glass or two of port on arrival at our hotel before lights out - that's my version of proceedings and I'm sticking with it :angel::angel:.

As I had time before my train I wandered up to the castle on the hill. My fitness is not as poor as I thought. I managed to walk up there without needing an oxygen tank.

Nickyboy, for next year's ride I've found (possibly) digs for the group and I'll see if I can add the photographs on here. Also, if the ride could be timed to be on the same day as the Scarborough Goldwings Bike Light Parade and fireworks, that would be ace. Please and thanks ^_^^_^

It was good to meet up with those who made it to Scarborough and hope to see the others next year :okay::okay:


Norven Mankey
What can I say? I've done about 12,000km on those Maviks and they chose a group ride to twang a spoke. Only managed 50km but at least (a) we were about 5km from the café and (b) the café was about 5km from a train station to get me back to Leeds.

What bit I did of the ride was really nice. Good company as always and I managed to get a bit of the really nice section after we got out of Leeds (thanks to @colly for managing that quicker than the official route). Great to see old friends and make some new ones. Sorry if I didn't get chance to chat with everyone, I was planning on riding a bit further than I managed!

When I got back to Glossop the weather was glorious but I was bike-less so I had to take it to the bike shop (fitting spokes and truing wheels I way beyond my capabilities), take son #1 to his swimming lesson, have a Chinese takeaway and pop out for a few beers with son#2. Not as much fun as riding to Scarby, fish and chips and 'spoons but not too bad

I will try to make sure my bike is in decent working order for any subsequent rides.
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