Leeds - Scarborough 7 September 2019


Arrived in Scarbs and am now in Mother Hubbard’s chippy. Upmarket. With booze and all sorts AND a lift for those with mobility problems.

Martini, with ice, cos I refused the lemonade mixer, pot of tea whilst waiting for my....... oh dear lord the portion size! I could be here some time.


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oh dear lord the portion size!
Hmmm....sounds like my portion size, then....


Martini with your fish and chips, very decadent.

In Yorkshire it should be a "proper brew" though
I did have a tea. About to order a cappuccino to end the meal.


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Missed train at Garforth by 10 seconds, so 25 minute wait until 20:15.

Had a great day out, except for (1) nickyboy's abandon (2) being charged £8 for a lifetime worth of Duracells!

Will say more tomorrow...


Home now. Showered, in dressing gown, glass of wine in front of me, and bed isn't very long away.
Great day. Really enjoyed it. Weather was kind, but a bit of a pesky headwind.
Good to catch up with people, and meet new ones. That's one of the great things about Forum rides.


It was a bummer to lose Nick as spokesperson and ride leader so early on but thankfully only a spoke and nobody came to harm when it happened. @Kestevan can’t fill your shoes but he did an excellent job.

Apologies to those queuing for fish and chips that I didn’t get to say goodbye to as myself and the man Gil had to head off sharpish to get the 17:44 train which we did and arrived safely home by 8.

Eldest was a good lad and had ordered a curry for 8:30 so showered and refreshed then sitting down for a nice meal was perfect.
The legs definitely feel the 85 miles in them as that was my longest ride since I got back on the bike in April.

Great to catch up with everyone again; thanks to Nicky for organising and thank you to everyone for an enjoyable but windy ride!

@ColinJ - safe journey and treasure those Duracell’s !!


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I hope the stopovers had a good night out in Scabby.
Good ride in good company. Thanks @nickyboy , for organising, even though you had had enough by the time we got to Cawood. How did you get that spoke to break just where you planned?
Nice to meet some new faces too and apologies for not getting to say farewell to everyone at Malton, but I'm sure we will cross paths again.
If we go again next year I'll stay over:okay:

Colin had planned a very nice route back using part of the 'Wolds Way', some very scenic, traffic free, well surfaced roads, and bits of the outwards route. Through York using pretty much cycle paths all the way. North East to South West and just a few hundred yards of road. It took a while but if only all cities had such good cycle paths.
Out of York and through Copmanthorpe we came across a group of men and women hanging about a bridge over the railway lines. Stopping to speak to an older man it turned out to be not what we expected, a dogging meet, but a group of rail enthusiasts. A steam train was due to be passing though. 'Clun Castle' I was told. ''Cos it dunt mek it oop North much''


We waited a bit but it was late so we pressed on and 5 mins later were crossing back over the same line. More bodies waiting but still no sign of the train so my hope of getting a 'live' photo went out the window. 100m down the road we heard the tell tale whistle of a steam train in the distance. A quick about turn and a brisk ride back up to the top of the bridge saw 'Clun Castle' speeding into view. It was shifting at quite a pace and I had no time to take a photo.
It was impressive though and making quite a racket with steam and smoke billowing. It didn't have the usual rapid chuff chuff chuff of a speeding locomotive. The pistons working at such a speed it sounded more like a crackley helecopter rotor. Magnificent.

I'm not sure how much ground I covered yesterday because I was without electronics. Somewhere between 102 and 115 miles. (115.4 as it turned out) Plenty enough. Me and @ColinJ parted company at Aberford and I had to stop before I even got to Barwick-in-Elmete because I fell off the cliff energy wise. My last half of a jam sandwich had me on the road again within a couple of mins though and I was home by about 8pm.

Great day out. :okay:

Plotted using ColinJ 's information.

View: https://ridewithgps.com/trips/39685514
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The cross-headwind to Norton/Malton made the ride seem harder than usual, but helped on the return leg with colly so that was fun!

My search for batteries was needed because one of my NiMH cells died suddenly. I have long since stopped carrying spare AAs for my Garmin Etrex. I always recharge the cells before a long ride and they usually last 25+ hours on a charge. Only this time, they didn't! One of them died after just 3 or 4 hours of riding.

Here is some free advice, folks: Batteries can and do fail!

Second item of free advice: If your smart battery charger suggests that there might be a problem with a battery, believe it - don't just switch it off and try again later! (It charged the battery on my second attempt, but was obviously telling me the truth initially.)

I managed to get replacement batteries from Morrisons in Malton. They only had packs of 8, which was a pain because I rarely use standard batteries (NiMH rechargeables make far more sense). What was worse was being charged £8 for the pack - way over double the going rate! I'll carry 2 of them with me for backup on rides in future, though this the first rechargeable failure that I have had in years.

Colly and I both really liked the route I had worked out back from Malton. I said that I would mention it here in case @nickyboy fancies an alternative route from Stamford Bridge to Malton in coming years. The roads are much quieter and the scenery is nice. We obviously did it in the opposite direction to the way it would be done on a Scarborough ride, but I reckon that it would be no harder (or even slightly easier) in terms of climbing and is only a little further. The usual route is shown in green on the map below, and my variation in red.

Stamford Bridge to Malton maps.png

Stamford Bridge to Malton profiles.png

The route back through the south of York by the university was fine. Cycling provision is great in the city - we barely had to go on any roads and the ones we did use were quiet. I think I would have liked to have gone to York university - I'm sure I would have got back into cycling as a student rather than 3 years after graduating. I certainly never felt even slightly tempted to get a bike for my 3 years in the centre of Manchester/Salford!

We saw a steam train going past just after Bolton Percy*** but were not quick enough to take photos of it. (Colly has posted a picture above but he obviously found that online somewhere!)

I said goodbye to colly at Aberford and rode back to Garforth on his suggested shortcut.

I said that I missed the train to Leeds by 10 seconds - I actually ended up standing next to it before it left, but the doors had been locked! It meant a frustrating wait for the next train, and it was then delayed by 7 minutes which was enough time for me to miss a connection in Leeds. Rather than waiting a long time for the next train to Todmorden, I caught the Blackpool North train instead. It passes through Hebden Bridge but turns off before getting to Todmorden. I had worked out that it would be 15-20 minutes quicker for me to cycle the extra 7.5 km home from HB station rather than hang about for the next train to Tod. It was damn cold riding in that northerly wind a couple of hours after sunset!

I stayed up just long enough to watch the highlights of the Vuelta but then the long day caught up with me. I slept for over 9 hours rather than my usual 6 or 7!

*** I must be getting slow in my old age - it didn't even occur to me to think of that as 'Bolt-on Percy', as someone suggested on the outward leg!
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