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I don’t think I introduced myself the first time round. I learned to ride as an adult because I wanted to be able to ride with my daughter. That’s the daughter who’s scowling at her balance bike in my avatar, now 11 and completely bossing her Frog bike and glorying in her new found independence and mobility after passing Bikeability at school. After losing my nerve following illness and surgery, I need and want to ride again.

So a whole bunch of family bikes are going for servicing in the next week or two. My Vita just needs a light check. I’m going to look into a few tweaks to my Dawes mixte which has not done so well from a few years sitting around. The braking is hopeful rather than effective, the fake rattan basket has to go (I would like a rear rack instead) and nicer grips and so on. My husband’s bike needs a new rear tube (normally I would fix that but it might as well go in with the others. B fell off her Frog riding it home from school with various bags hanging from the handlebars on the last day of term and it doesn’t ride smoothly any more. She is desperate to have it fixed and get a rack on the back.

Good times ahead!


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Hi Hebe, wish you all the best with your cycling, good to be out and about, healthy,
and you get to take in the views at a more intimate level, a hill is no longer just a hill
when your hanging over the handlebars like a wet mop, such joy has to be experienced.

Seriously, I hope you do well.

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Thank you @welsh dragon
Today I changed a tube on my husband’s bike, with some very limited help from my daughter. She’s not really seeing the allure of a Sunday afternoon in the garage with hobnobs and a cuppa, fixing things. Failed to find the problem with her bike though.

Well done for having a go.


getting better all the time
Vita, Dawes and Frog bikes all came back today from their various repairs/services. The Dawes is actually better than it was when new; it goes better, stops better, steers better, changes better, fits me better and is better balanced. The basket got a stay of execution, the problems were elsewhere. In love with it all over again, especially with my daughter sneakily and joyfully following me on her Frog when I took it round the block. The Vita is lovely and smooth again, plus has new leather grips that match the Brooks saddle that I put on. Waiting for the rain to stop now so I can get out and ride them.
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