Lance Armstrong, love or loathe, in 2019

Discussion in 'Pro Cycling (Road and Track Racing)' started by stoatsngroats, 2 Jun 2019.

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  2. rich p

    rich p ridiculous old lush

    I don't understand why this poster is allowed to continually troll about the same subject yet my posts get deleted for criticising him.
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  4. roadrash

    roadrash cycle chatterer

    good question, I haven't seen a good answer though
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  5. Dogtrousers

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  6. Edwardoka

    Edwardoka Bloviating Windbag

    I like Frankie Boyle's take on doping: "I don't want to see someone run 100 metres in 9 seconds. I want to see them run it in 2 seconds. I want to see someone with the legs of a kangaroo and the heart of a leopard."
    It'd be pretty interesting to see what could be done if controlled substances, well... weren't.

    I don't miss the days where everyone was cheating, but I do miss the spectacle of big powerful riders hitting climbs hard (e.g. that time Armstrong gave Ullrich "the look" on Alpe d'Huez). It's a lot more visually exciting than a praying mantis hunched over his stem eking out a gap while riding at a level dictated by power meter.
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  7. Dogtrousers

    Dogtrousers Kilometre nibbler

    What's that quote about the tour de France being like a sausage? Something like "I love the TdF and love sausages but I don't want to know how they are made"
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  8. YukonBoy

    YukonBoy The Monch

    Inside my skull
    Can't say I pay much attention to him either way. He's history.
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  9. Milzy

    Milzy Veteran

    Not history to many who love his pod casts. He’s still the most talked about cyclist. The absolute cretin is still the best doped cyclist of all time.
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  10. suzeworld

    suzeworld Über Member

    I was thinking about him today

    After getting over my absolute disgust in finding how he fooled me into believing in him, I am left with the fact that his story inspired me and I would never have tackled the alpine climbing I have done (post-cancer) without his inspiration.
    So even though the inspiration was part fakery the lasting effects on my life have been good.
  11. KneesUp

    KneesUp Veteran

    The podcast is quite good, once you get past all the advertorial content. Regardless of which results stand, he has definitely been there and done that, so his insights are still interesting. He can - surprisingly - laugh at himself too - one of the competition questions earlier on was something like 'Who has won the most Tour de France green jerseys?' which he stumbled over and then said something along the lines of 'I thought it was going to say who was won the most Tours de France - I was going to have to have words' Not comic gold, but it acknowledges the elephant in the room, and the relief makes you want to laugh.

    He did point out yesterday though that he was still World Champion (1993)
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  12. fatjel

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    West Wales
    I have been watching his podcasts this year and I have to say quite enjoying them.
    I don't get the doping thing tho. Armstrong the devil , Millar cool dude.
    All the others somewhere in between.
    I enjoy the scenery and the racing , doping is part of professional cycling and always has been
    no worse in my view than an F1 car being a bit to wide.
    Obviously if you're caught you're out but the decades of Armstrong outrage are a bit bewildering to me
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  13. suzeworld

    suzeworld Über Member

    It’s probably decades of outrage because he made such a “thing” of being clean. And seduced (most of us) us with that. Then his bullying was revealed and for me both of these factors magnified the cheating beyond the “usual” takes of dopage.
  14. KneesUp

    KneesUp Veteran

    That sounds a little like his biggest crime was convincing people he wasn’t cheating. But surely all athletes do that?
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  15. suzeworld

    suzeworld Über Member

    No, I’m not saying anything about comparison of crimes. Fatjel’s asking why it still wrankles so much and I’m advancing a reason. I dunno how old you are, but if you lived through the fanfare of “cleaness” that he trumpeted around himself then you surely understand how disappointing it was to discover his clay feet. It wasn’t just cheating it was the whole edifice of his image too.
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