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  1. mjr

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    Which is also the reason Dee coo Nick are unlikely to become a GC team: they just don't have the budget, so aim to play Moneyball with the classics, which Lefevre has done well for years.

    If JA wants to go for GC... well, when does his contract end?
  2. smutchin

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    The Red Enclave
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  3. Dogtrousers

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    That would go down well in the Trousers household. He's my wife's favourite (after St Cav, of course)
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  4. DRM

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    So does the CC massive think that Allaphillipe will be getting a hand from other French riders regardless of team from now on?
  5. Paulus

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    He looked a broken man when getting into the team car after today's truncated stage. Shame, he has been one of the riders to illuminate this years race.
  6. Dogtrousers

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    What I would love to see is for Patrick Lefevere to tell his boys to attack on the last stage to Paris and to blow the "unwritten rule" up to where it belongs. The Quick Step Team should be able to rip the field to shreds, especially if helped out by teams who have riders in the first six who would benefit. In 1947 Jean Robic won the Tour with a similar action and I think France would appreciate something similar this year.
  8. DRM

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    I thought the same, Egan Bernal was amazing on the Col de L’Iseran, it’s definitely been an intriguing race this year, I thought surely they can’t race down that, when the cameras showed the result of the hailstorm, then the mudslide sealed it, so I think to answer my own question, no they won’t, not now, also sad to see Pinot abandoning the race too.
    It’s been a very good, impossible to guess what would happen next, race for the viewers.
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  9. DRM

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    I think if they did, it would be suicidal for the team, they will get shut down, at the next race if they need help, others will just destroy them when they are down.
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  10. Dogtrousers

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    It would be great to see, but it would never work, so no real point.
  11. StuAff

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    When was the last time the last stage was competitive for GC? 1989. Fignon beaten into second. Enough said.

    And, FFS, it's a sprint stage. If anyone else tried to make a serious attack, the sprint trains would shut them down faster than a TGV.
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  12. Aravis

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    But that's not the last time the winner has been gapped and lost time to the guy in second. Sastre in 2008 is one I remember.
  13. david k

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    Well my assumption was right, right up until the last two competitive stages :smile: he did crack but what an effort he put up until he cracked

    And GT did better than I thought, it was a great plan from Ineos
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