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Discussion in 'Pro Cycling (Road and Track Racing)' started by cyberknight, 26 Apr 2019.

  1. smutchin

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    I dunno. I think these minor jerseys only justify their existence if they're won by someone other than the overall winner, and the format allows someone to go for glory who doesn't have a genuine shot at GC. The polka dots in particular encourage flamboyant, exciting racing - I always had mixed feelings about Voeckler but there's no doubt he was a popular rider.

    Also giving the lie to your assessment is the fact that Alaphilippe won two stages last year, one of which featured two 1st category climbs, the other three 1st cat and an HC. He was a thoroughly deserving winner of the spotty jumper.

    Besides which, all the HC climbs above 2000m are given double points this year, which weights the competition towards the true climbing specialists, and against those who go points-harvesting on cat 3 & 4 climbs. Wellens currently leads the classification on 64 points, but over stages 18, 19 and 20, there are four HC climbs, worth a potential 160 points, so I don't think we'll be seeing him in the polka dots in Paris (though presumably one of the GC boys will take the win on Val Thorens, so more realistically 120 points for someone like Ciccone or Barguil to go for to make the title his - or maybe Bardet has been sandbagging so far, taking it easy in the knowledge that he could still win the polka dots with a flourish on the final three stages).
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  2. Fab Foodie

    Fab Foodie hanging-on in quiet desperation ...

    JA is creeping ahead on the big hills....as GT ebbs....
  3. david k

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    JA looked strong in today's stage, he also looked fresh in his interviews, it gives me the impression he has the energy to complete the race at this top end effort

    GT looked spent mentally, emotionally and physically. He need to turn that round to have a chance, fingers crossed
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  4. smutchin

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    Going by what he said in his post-race interview, I think he's got some kind of illness.
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  5. rich p

    rich p ridiculous old lush

    You did, it's true.
    I recall us both whingeing about G wasting another year pursuing another futile gold medal.
    Julian Alaphillipe also needs to stop being Viviani's lead out man if he's to take the GC seriously. Unless it's á la Wiggo on the Champs Elysée!
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  6. smutchin

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    It's hugely gratifying when these long-term predictions/guesses come to fruition - makes it look like you know what you're talking about. :laugh:

    It'll be interesting to see if Alaphilippe's success so far this year leads to a bit of a recalibration of the team. Viviani already looks disaffected and like he wants out.
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  7. smutchin

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    Interesting stat: the last rider to win both Milan-Sanremo and the Tour in the same year was Eddy himself, who did it three times (1969, 1971, 1972).

    Fignon and Nibali have won both, but not in the same year.
  8. david k

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    That did cross my mind
  9. Fab Foodie

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    Also he needs to curb his enthusiasm!
    Pinot impressed. Climbs well for a big guy.
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  10. smutchin

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    Yep. Kelly's take on the reason for him blowing up on the final climb yesterday was that he went too hard at the start.

    He could have done with a couple of domestiques too.
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  11. ColinJ

    ColinJ It's a puzzle ...

    I was thinking the same. He looks quite big but he is actually only 5' 11" tall and weighs just under 10 stone. Big compared to typical climbers maybe, but not another Indurain.
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  12. KneesUp

    KneesUp Veteran

    Is it just me that thinks Pinaut's stubble permanently give him the look of someone who had to fix something oily on his 2CV on the way to the trace?
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  13. OP

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    Land of confusion
    I think this is where he we fail,the team isn't really built for GC support
  14. Pale Rider

    Pale Rider Guru

    I get the impression what Viviani wants is a more lucrative contract which he believes would be on offer elsewhere.
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  15. brommers

    brommers Years beyond my wisdom

    Is he a cross between Pinot and Hinault? :tongue:
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