julian alaphilipe

I have really enjoyed watching Alaphilippe and his wolf pack.As for the TDF I suppose stranger things have happened.I enjoy the one day races ,no prating around for three weeks.Tour Of The Alps was also all out racing.

Something to be said for shorter stages


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He seems to be more of a day-racer to short tour specialist, more like a new Valverde. Mind you, so was Thomas before last year. I think it depends a lot on the kind of support he would get - like Thomas he would have to be supported by some very strong specialist climbers in the high mountains, and be well protected by some strong lads on the long flat stages.


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A lot depends on the statement made by the new owner of Sky/Inneos
A lot depends on the statement made by the new owner of Sky/Inneos
Is this some sort of insinuation about Ineos pulling out because the team are all mediocre dopers, as you said in another thread?

He's one of the most exciting riders in years and a true gent but he'd have to change his style completely to be in GT contention and he'd need a team to support him. All possible but he won't win riding like he does now.
I've been watching him for a year or 2 :whistle:

250 to 1...odds boost 325 to 2 on Ladbrokes....

Not had a fiver on him.... Honestly....

Leicester were 5000 to 1 and look what happened... And no I didnt back them.. Even though I'm a fan...
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