Jimmy Saville biopic


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The BBC are making a mini-series about the life of Jimmy Saville
I wonder how his victims will feel about it?
There have been loads of these sorts of things over the years.
The victims don’t seem to have a choice. There’s been Dennis Neilson, Fred West, Harold Shipman, Yorkshire ripper, Moors Murderers.
Unfortunately there is an appetite for these stories to be told.


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I half wonder how honest the BBC will be about their role in tolerating his suspected crimes and turning a blind eye to his "eccentricity" in fancying 13 year old girls for so long. I expect they'll largely airbrush that.
(Not that key BBC figures were the only ones who just decided to look the other way of course).
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I bet that will go down well. Just what we want our license fee to be used for. I bet the BBC will get a lot of praise for a programme like that.


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Many people were well aware, specially in the BBC. The police protection he had was also very helpful in him getting away with it.


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We should just not speak his name. Along with that cycling cheat.
Eh? Sporting fraud and child abuse aren't the same thing. Have a word mate.
It would be an understatement to say that mistakes were made (not just by the BBC) during the Savile era.

I'd have thought anything that lessened the likelihood of the same mistakes being made again was to be commended.
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