Is it true you can thread your chain through a SunTour rear derailleur cage without splitting chain?


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I read somewhere a long while back, can't remember where I read it at but I do remember what it said. Someone wrote on this site that you can thread your chain through a rear SunTour derailleur cage without splitting it. One of my closest friends who rides and works on bikes, too told me you can too, but I am just asking the lovely members here if that's true. Thanks!


Some rear mechs have a split cage arrangement that will allow that :smile:



Everytime I see this thread title I think - "but why isn't this still a thing you can buy"?
But ... but ... but ... why? You still have to split the chain to fetch it through the rear triangle and the front mech?

Why would anyone want to remove just the rear mech? It's madness I tells thee.

Also, they were prone to bending - didn't have much torsional stiffness when bashed. We often saw the bottom jockey heading off in a different direction to the top one.
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