Irresponsible Dog Owners!


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Marginal in this case. It was boisterous and rough. Not aggressive.

Had police on the case for an incident in the winter which was very dangerous and my daughter was hurt. A lot of hard upsetting work and as far as I know nothing came of it.

The police aren’t a force anymore with all the cuts.
Doesn't need to be aggressive. it has clearly caused fear and alarm. Might not be top priority for the Police however it should still be investigated. Especially since it can be corroborated (the big thing these days other than he said, she said)

a call to the dog warden however... would go further.


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It has to cause fear of injury, not just fear and alarm.

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The officers dealing with our case in the winter told me it would’ve been sufficient if my daughter had ‘just’ been terrorised. They were accessory Staffies. Studs, chains etc And an owner who had absolutely no social confidence when I took him to task. Thick as a plank.

The fact that nothing ever came of the report points to the fact our Avon & Somerset police force is seriously underfunded and under resourced.

They even tried to weasel out of dealing with it because I didn’t have a number plate! I never knew dog owners walking their animals in a field, far from any road would have a number plate hung around their neck. Twits.

But what really gets my back up is that we have always owned dogs. My daughter is now terrified of them. I thought we were making progress until this morning. It is evident she is still very scared of some dogs.
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