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  1. The thought of how much a car would cost makes me shudder.

    I originally cycled to the nearest tram stop and caught the tram and then the bus to work. Then I started cycling to a stop nearer work so I had less time on the tram.

    Then I realised I could cycle the whole way to work.
  2. Specialeyes

    Specialeyes Über Member

    Leaving the car at work on a Monday (or Sunday night) makes it more of an imperative than an incentive ^_^
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  3. Brains

    Brains Guru

    I think its more important to have the cycling facilities at work.

    Covered, lit, secure, easily accessible, place to park the bike, ideally without the need to lock it up.

    In addition:
    Fluffy white towels,
    discount for breakfast for cyclists,
    cycle to work scheme,
    Pump and some basic tools.
    drying area.

    Drivers pay for their (very limited number of) parking slots to finance the above.
    Our company has all the above !
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  4. Zanelad

    Zanelad Über Member

    Having justified the cost of the ebike to Mrs Z based on money being saved, together with exercise taken, "I'd damn well better use it". Her words.

    After yesterday's commute, the cost is down to £83.33 per day^_^

    Plus the fact that I enjoy it.
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  5. rugby bloke

    rugby bloke Veteran

    Most boxes ticked for my workplace - apart from the fluffy white towels and discount breakfast, which sound like by far the best incentives ! Going to have to have a chat with the FM team ...
  6. Exactly as above, spot on Arjimlad.

    Next month marks my 43rd year of commuting (senior school 6 years, work 37 years), love it.
  7. ren531

    ren531 Senior Member

    Lancaster uk
    I like to freshen it up at bit by useing different bikes (i have a few) and doing a bit of guerrilla gardening /litter picking and meeting the familiar faces every day i also seem to get a slightly perverse enjoyment from extreme weather too
  8. IME the 'stick' works better, limiting car parking makes people think.
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  9. Brains

    Brains Guru

    And ensuring the Car Parking people pay for use and more importantly can actually see where their money is going, into supporting other forms of transport.

    In our company, the cyclists publicly thank the car drivers, each year, as the car parking pays for breakfast (and the showers and the fluffy white towels and the lockers and the pump ....)
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  10. C R

    C R Über Member

    That's made a difference at our site. Parking is fairly limited, and as we have grown has become more of an issue, and pushed people to cycle.
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  11. SuperHans123

    SuperHans123 Formerly known as snertos999

    1.33 MILES
    No incentive required.
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  12. Julia9054

    Julia9054 Veteran

    Get everthing ready the night before (I have nowhere at work to store work clothes so need to take stuff in every day)
    Boxes of instant porridge kept at work along with decent coffee.
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  13. rogerzilla

    rogerzilla Guru

    The parking and traffic are enough for me. Plus I'd turn into a blobber within weeks.
  14. Moodyman

    Moodyman Guru

    For me, the incentive is taking back control. I have a car and will occasionally drive. But its a very urban commute and involves lots of queues/slow moving traffic.

    Cycling makes me feel I'm taking back control and giving two fingers to the system.
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  15. RichK

    RichK Veteran

    It's faster (20-25 mins v 35-40 by car)
    It's healthier
    It's less polluting
    It causes less infrastructure damage
    It's less harmful to 3rd parties
    It's more law abiding
    I work more effectively
    Oh, & it's less expensive (which means I can afford a "better" car)
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