IHPVA World Champs


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Leddies and gentleben, the website for the upcoming International Human Powered Vehicle Championships is now online!
HURRAH and stuff, there's also the facility to book your place for this highly anticipated (at least by those of us organisatoring it) event.

Please note that that event in Manc last week was good, but ours will be better. :biggrin:
The World Champions (male and female) will be decided over the entire weekends racing, and there will also be 3 new records up for grabs in the form of a new "all comers record" for the 200m sprints.
This is the first attempt at an all comers record (ie it's open to anyone who races and sets the records on British Soil), so there'll be all comers records in each country eventually.. The record is to be held in the main 3 classes that the BHPC recognise, Faired, Partly-faired, and Unfaired, so 3 records to be set!
[insert big pointy finger] will it be you? (doubt it'll be me)..

The following week there will be a series of touring rides led across the lovely Suffolk countryside for attendees of the Championships.

Please let anyone you think might be interested know and while you're at it anyone that you think might not but should know anyway..


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I'll be there

(this is not a threat of any kind at all)


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I am also coming. Just need to get the fairing fixed on to the trike and get fit(fitter). Looking forward to it and catching up with the guys girls in the club.
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