Ice Riding


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I think the only advice would be ---Don't. No matter what you are wearing, it's going to hurt if you slide off on the ice.


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learn which sections of your commute are likely to be icy and go slowly over them... so slowly that you don't really have to lean the bike at all, which is also slow enough to give you plenty of time to react if the bike does begin to slip :okay:

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I award this guy the title of 'Most Irritating of the Decade'.
A bright and sunny 1deg C and he crashes twice without getting out of his "chair".
Just confirms my long held view that it is well to be wary of advice offered by people who wear two hats.
End of rant.:biggrin:
two hats yup strangely in Yorkshire where we drop our H they call them ...ooops best not say that you try and say it for yourself and see how it comes out I could be very wrong


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Ice - not a good idea. First real frost of the year on Saturday results in one of our club riders in A&E with pelvis cracked in 2 places, and he reports two more cyclists being admitted …..


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Cancelled the club ride today , i am not going to put people in danger by leading a ride when its like it was today .

Got up and checked the roads at 8 am and i only just stayed upright on foot , add in freezing fog which didnt left till this afternoon i think i made the rightchoice , maxxed outat 3 c but didnt get above freezing till after dnnner.2 fell off just trying to get to the club meet and this morning was worse.


Those roads in his background are best avoided this time of year. Water run-off from the fields freezes on the road and leaves sheets of ice.


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Studded tires work well although they are much slower. If you need to get to work they can get you there. Sheet ice is treacherous, especially when it melts a bit and there is a film of water on the ice. More than once I've tried to walk my bike over ice to find my soles so slick standing up was hard. I like to have more than one set of wheels, with one set for regular and another with studs since the weather changes very quickly day it is dry roads and the next ice. Perhaps unnecessary for pleasure riding but If you commute very useful.​
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