I want to sell a bike. Advice please.


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South Manchester
I'm thinking of selling my fixed gear. Everything is perfect, other than the rims are worn. It would last a life time if you aren't on the blooming brakes, but about 6 months if wearing rims like I did commuting on my bike (i.e. 18 months out of rims). I'll sell it and state the rims are wearing.


also adjust your expectation on price severely downward - there are so many amazingly crazy deals on new bikes that the secondhand trade is at very poor prices.
Now is not the best time of year to sell bikes - for two reasons. firstly, there is the end of season model year clearances going on, which means bargain hunters may go for a deeply discounted new bike rather than buy secondhand. The other reason is recreational cycling is not such an attraction as the winter approaches and less people are likely to be thinking about taking up cycling.
I'm always looking out for secondhand vintage steel at the right price, and most of my really good bargains have been acquired in the late autumn and over winter. Therefore you would probably get more interest and a better price if you wait until next spring when the weather is improving and the days getting longer.


Tricky one , if you fit new parts you may not see your money back but if you leave it as it is you are reducing your customers ,not everyone is handy . Everyone likes a bargain .
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