I think Trump deserves his own thread ....


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I love the horned loon's lawyer's pleading for his client, as reported in The Grauniad......

A lawyer for Jacob Chansley, an Arizona man who wore horns, animal skin and face paint while carrying a spear and entering the Senate chamber, said Trump should do the “honourable thing and pardon those of his peaceful followers who accepted the president’s invitation”.

Albert Watkins said his client had no criminal history and was an “active practitioner of yoga”. He also mentioned Chansley’s diet, which has caused him to reject non-organic meals in federal custody.

Are they going to produce his yoga mat as evidence?
He could give a stool sample for Gillian McKeith to inspect.


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Someone has been stopped at a checkpoint in DC - in a pickup truck witha fake id and weapons and ammunition

Wonder what the fake id was like


Dear Policeman
please let johnny into the inauguration because he has to be there


His Mum
imagine it written in crayon
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