I need a reason for a new bike


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If money is not an issue, then a new bike wont hurt, in fact
it would present the opportunity to get a well fitting bike
as a result of knowledge acquired through past experiences.

There you have it, better fit to keep you from harming your
body riding your current bike.


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i like your woodshed, im off to get some pallets and some fence paint
I would just burn the woodshed too, that’s why I have a block one,
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Grant Fondo

Riding backwards into the future
Back in 2009 I bought a new bike for the first time ever. Ignorant of most things, I came on here for advice, ignored it, and bought a Specialized Allez. Since then it has taken me on many adventures and on some big rides.

I have upgraded the wheels (worn out), tyres a few times, and groupset has been upgraded from 2300 (8-speed Claris equivalent) to 105, now with a 1-in-3-climbing 12-34 rear cassette. It does what I need it to do - frame is still serviceable, saddle is original, and so are the handlebars. Pretty much everything else, including the pedals, have been changed.

It has been superseded in the poor-weather commuting stakes by a hub-geared Ridgeback now fitted with discs on the front and 700x35 tyres.

10 years is a long time to own your primary transport (most loved), so really should think about changing it. However, any purchase must be justified by addressing the following issues:

1) 10 years means nothing. This is just a wasteful consumerist society forcing me to buy things just to keep company profits up, and keep me subservient to the god of buying stuff.
2) Although the frame is 10 years old, nothing else is. Frame has a lifetime warranty, so it is only just broken in.
3) Current bike is aluminium. Carbon would be lighter, but there again so would I if I didn't snack on cheese just before I go to bed.
4) What do I go for? Planet X pick-it-buid-it-ride-it and learn how to build a bike up from professionals for free? Orbea - the socialist credentials negate the slave-to-capitalism argument, Boardman - a British name and notoriously good for the money? Just look for a great deal and buy that one?
5) What purpose? Audax with mudguards, Sportive for even longer distances, Gravel for more felixibility and commuting fun in all but the worst weather?
6) Groupset - 105 for quality, Ultegra for special events only, SRAM as the Planet X favourite? Campagnolo with an Italian bike such as Bianchi or Colnago?
7) Why am I thinking about the brand and type of bike I'm not going to buy?

Please help me.:surrender:
I bought an Allez in 2001 and found it too 'racy'. Quite an unforgiving frame, i used to get back ache a lot after 10 miles or so. Transferred to a (much more expensive) carbon endurance bike and guess what? No back ache, just as quick but chalk and cheese really. So, in summary there is much more sophisticated tech out there, and you can get a good modern upgrade withoig blowing the bank...some amazing second hand deals out there too :okay:
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