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Dan Ferris

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I'm looking for some advice and probably guidance on what bike i actually need. That may sound strange but I cannot get my head around whether as a second bike i need a hybrid or a mountain bike. I've laid out some requirements below which hopefully will help with some suggestions.

I currently have a road bike that I've used all year round but ideally will be trying to keep that for the summer months / the odd dry day in the winter.

Requirements for second bike:

I'm lucky enough to live near some local wood trails so on days where i fancy something different to the road i'd like something that i can use on these. They're a mixture of farmers tracks / bridleways, gravel paths and so on, not advanced downhill!

During the winter months when its not nice enough to be out on the road bike something that I don't mind getting wet out on the roads and not have a fear of coming off it

During the summer months i'd like to attach either a child seat for one child or a trailer to carry both children on for a ride around

Anytime of the year (when we get back into the office) use as a commuter, no more than 10 miles each way on a mixture of roads and pavements and maybe some very light gravel tracks

Something that i can get on and ride across a multitude of surfaces as explained above

I started off by looking at a hardtail mountain bike. I'm borrowing one from a friend and whilst its great fun i'm not sure if it will meet all of my requirements above, especially the commute. So i've started looking at maybe a hybrid but its a bit of a minefield with so many different options. I've heard good things about the B-Twin Discovery range and also the Boardman range

I appreciate this a bit of a ramble and ultimately its down to my own personal choice (and no the CFO will not sign off 2 new bikes :-) ) but having never owned a hybrid I’m not sure how well it would handle the wooded areas of what I’m looking for.

I’m not adverse to buying second hand and have a budget of about £500.

Any help greatly received!


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Bare in mind the low gearing on MTB's. Great offroad but not so good on any road riding due to spinning out. If you're not riding on really rough trails, Just on gravel, canal paths & fire roads, then i would go hybrid.
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