Hunt 3650 Carbon Wide Aero wheelset, question?



Not to sure?
Needless to say that despite my initial interest in these wheels I didn't do anything else about it other than just look and ponder.

However, it must be fate because over the weekend I have borrowed a demo pair of these exact same wheels and so I've just done a search on here only to find that I posed the question nearly twelve months

I've done a 100 miles on them over the weekend and I have to say that I'm very impressed with the ride quality, its a very smooth ride for sure. Probably thanks to the increase in the rim width from what I'm used to. But the noise from the freehub just isn't to my liking I'm afraid. But following on from a comment I made on the Hunt Instagram page about the freehub noise, Hunt say that a "quieter" freehub version is available. It isn't an option that you can select in the ordering menu, apparently you have to add a comment in the blank field at the check out.
But before I commit, I want to hear it in action first, so I've asked if they will send me one to fit to the demo wheels.

My other "dilemma" is shall I go with 36/50 or 50/50 depth wheels....:blink: Its a hard life......:angel:
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