How to bring your Brompton abroad


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Evening all!

I'm wondering how I can take my trusty Brompton on a flight with me (once the COVID situation is all done and dusted, of course). Note that my B75 still doesn't have any folding pedals but probably will be needed to be more compact, right?

Preferably hand luggage, but open to suggestions? It would only be to our In-laws so most of the stuff we'd usually need to bring is already over there 😁


You can buy a Brompton Flight Case or Travel Bag (there are official and aftermarket versions) or, if you search on eBay / Facebook Marketplace there's a guy who hires out flightcases for about twenty quid. Of course, 5-6 trips and it would have been cheaper to buy rather than rent :okay:


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I put the Brompton into a Vincita bag and check it in. On one occasion I took it along as a carry on but will not do it again - cumbersome and too dangerous in my opinion. A heavy object with sharp edges over passenger heads, that I handle with stretched hands - no, I will not go there again.


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+1 ^
Walking from one end of a crowded plane to the other with regular hand luggage can be difficult enough. Doing so with a Brommie is really asking for trouble. Either you'll injure yourself going down the aisle, or someone else, or again yourself trying to lift it into the overhead compartment. The whole notion of bringing bikes on planes, to me, is similar to making bikes out of bamboo...............just why?
Check it in and you'll win :okay:

PS I've brought an entire MTB over here from the UK, checked in, and no issues. Wheels, tyres - lost count, again checked in and no issues.
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Just put it in a regular suitcase which fits, you can pack clothes around it. If you put it in a soft bag you’re at the mercy of baggage handlers.
There’s no way you’ll be allowed to take it as a carryon on an international flight.


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There are several ways.

The box the Brompton comes in is an ideal way of flying with it. There is a pricey B&W hard case box. I have not got one. A Dimpa Bag from Ikea is another popular way of transporting Bromptons around the world.

I added extra supporting straps to my bag. Coming back from Bulgaria last year I wrapped my Brompton in a cheap duvet cover and shrink wrapped it. It was fine.

Getting a good, solid suitcase for a Brompton to fit in, in Europe is difficult.


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I've got a B+W hard case, which works well but is a very bulky piece of luggage.
If anyone wants to borrow it PM me and we'll try and sort something out.
Failing that, a Dimpa bag and yoga mat based solution could work...


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Are any of youse riding your Brommies to the airport (or even riding to the station that has trains to the airport?)

A big reason for looking at folders - for me - is to avoid all the hassle around moving a bike to the airport without actually riding it.


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B&W case has been a mess in my experience. The beauty of the Vincita bag is that you drop the bike in, zip the bag and go, no padding, wrapping, tapes or cords. At the other end, you take the bike out and unfold. The bag has 4 wheels, so even if your hands are full and the Vincita is the last thing you want to think about, you only need to stick the end of its strap into your hand in order to move on. Even the strap is not needed at times as you can just kick the bag.


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Back in my business travel days, I used to take it as hand-baggage, but I would never dream of attempting it in economy.

I have a B&W Foldon box, and have done quite a few trips with that. Put it through the Fragile channel with foam padding. Remove the hinge-clamps and store those separately, as they are the most vulnerable part – takes seconds to remove/put back on.
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