How much of a difference is going from shimano claris to ultegra gear set?


@Gunk I’m most intrigued by the positive rise stem and then seemingly negative rise on the handlebars and why you didn’t go for a stem with less rise so the bars are level?

Nice bike though.
Just laziness, it’s sort of evolved like this, my son complained a few years ago that the bars were too low so I flipped the stem, then he grew so I raised the stem, really I need to flip the stem and sort it out. You’ve inspired me!


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So what's the point of buying these expensive ultegra bikes?
Ultegra.. Pah, best bike is Dura Ace...

Both Ultegra and DA bikes are 30 years old.

DA is lush and works at 'lush' levels. :ohmy: Ultegra bike works fine too ^_^


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I never had Claris but Sora made my left hand hurt so much on my first 300km ride that I stayed in the small ring for the second 100 miles.
!05 5800 that replaced it was much easier to use.
The first 400k my neck hurt instead.
I have di2 on my audax bike now because I was bored during lockdown. I've yet to try it on a long ride and I've not done more than 50k rides in so long now that I might not go that far again

Going faster needs hard work which makes me sweat and feel very uncomfortable.

One thing that the hair shirt brigade ignore is how good an expensive posers bike make some of us feel.
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