How much of a difference is going from shimano claris to ultegra gear set?

I have a shimano claris gear set- trek al2 domane bike and I'm wondering how much of a difference would it be if I had a bike with an ultegra gear set? Would I be more faster?


Simple answer, more gears with a smaller step between gears but assuming your running the R2000 version you will not be faster or feel much difference to the ride experience but the quality of the kit will be “finer” and lighter so it will be less robust in the long term.

It depends on the use of the bike also. If your going to use it a commuter/leisure bike/winter bike, I’d go for the “sweet spot” of shimano 105 if your interested in an upgrade as the replacement part costs are reasonable but the quality is sufficiently robust to last a long time
They tend to be a bit lighter, probably a little more fragile. Getting lighter costs money. Getting a lot lighter costs serious money. You have a good bike. Maybe upgrade the drivetrain when parts need replacing?
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I would only change the groupset as and when your present set needs it.
105 is a very good, reliable and workmanlike set.
When you get to Ultegra and Dura Ace, they are lightweight and are for racing purposes. The shifting is crisp and quick, but this will come at a price.


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As mentioned above, more gears won't make you faster. Working on your fitness will. And as mentioned above, if you do want to go 11 speed, go for 105. Parts are still reasonably priced. But Claris is fine for most people. If you like the bike, keep riding as is, and replace the whole groupset with 105 as parts start getting worn.
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I upgraded my Specialized Allez from Claris to Tiagra (8 sp to 10 sp) all bought second hand, but it was more of a project than an upgrade. The main difference for me was going from inboard bearing Octalink to outboard Hollowtech. The BB just felt better. Other differences were small.


Have you ridden a Trek before? Trek Road bikes are a bit marmite when it comes to ride and rider.
I bought a bike once that I loved the look of. I disliked it from the start. An expensive mistake.
I have a trek al2 domane, and I absolutely love it:wub::wub: I tried someone's specialised bike before and I preferred my trek. Why did you dislike your trek bike? I've done 1000s of km on it and still love the bike to bits.:wub:


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You won't go a single jot faster. Dependent upon the quality of the cables youre currently using and how well set up you are, the only differences are liable the be the extra gear or two, and a slightly smoother shift. Any weight loss will be minor, not enough alone to be measurable over your lap or journey times.

Domit because you fancy it, not out of any expectation of a tangible performance gain.

Good luck.
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