How much money are you willing to spend on cycling


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I spend far more on my wife than I would do on bikes.


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That is so true, and it's important not to forget this. For me, cycling is a mixture of enjoyment. exercise, and cheap short distance utility transport. This does not require expensive bikes, clothing, or gadgets.
I spend as little as possible and as much as necessary on cycling. Tyres are my biggest cost, not bikes or kit. I reckon I've spent less than £50 on cycling in total this year, and not much over a hundred quid in any previous year. All my bikes are secondhand, I do all my own maintenance, so it just comes down to the odd small accessory and wear & tear replacements.
with your forum name, the bit in bold is an essential:laugh:

I’m a bit of a sucker for gadgets, but do try to get useful/good ones. Just invested in a Wahoo Roam bundle....& about to pickup a R2W Specialized bike which should do me until an electric bike beckons....but added Ergon GP5 grips at a bit of expense....


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i am of the camp that bikes are very over-priced and see no reason to spend over £500. Then maybe £50-100pa in subsequent years for servicing. Plus around £200 for initial set of bike clothes then £200pa on other clothes and accessories.

Well, that's how much I'm willing to spend. How much I actually spend is firmly in the silly category but there you go. To make amends, I have vowed not to buy another bike for at least 10 years, and possibly 20. Twenty is wishful thinking but I think I can manage ten. I've put a ban on buying more clothes unless I really need them (darn it, just recalled I bought a jacket recently).

More than spending money on bike-stuff, I would like to spend time on-the-bike. Alas, I have little time to do so. Either work or family commitments, plus my own artificial barriers. I cannot blame bad weather as I have the correct bike and clothes for it. Has anyone seen Total Recall (especially the original Arnie one) where a chip is planted to make you think you've been on holiday? I need that chip.
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