How much do you pay each year to commute by bike ?


London, UK
This year trying to spend least amount possible and paid £85 to service two bikes. But I have all clothes, lubes, tools etc already purchased. Not planning on buying anything else except a chain cleaner for £15. Commute 7000km annually.


CS8 lead out specialist
Honestly I don't know, largely because I do keep buying shiny new bits of kit, parts and the occasional bike upgrade (shhhh don't tell the missus).

What I do know is that over the last 10 years of commuting into London, plus lots of other leisure cycling, it still costs me a lot less per year than either a season ticket on the train or the depreciation and running costs of the car.

I don't feel in the slightest bit guilty about cycling related spend. Keeps me sane and fit and it's all still cheaper than the alternatives ^_^
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