How do I get back on my bike after I have had a bit of a nightmare ride?


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What you have done is learnt a lesson in bonking. Thats perfectly ok. To avoid it again make sure you have plenty of fluid with you and a snack. I usually have a banana or chocolate bar. Take some money in case you need a shop. Get on your bike and ride. You will be fine.


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This was in the paper this morning.

Devon Hills can be tough when you find yourself on the wrong side of them.

Just build up again, on slightly shorter rides.

Remembering to patronise any tea shops you should find along the way, of course, for the sake of the local economy :whistle:

You'll soon get your confidence back.

I've learnt to not bite off more than I can chew over the years, as I have a tendency towards energy crashes too.

Why make yourself miserable?

Bike riding is supposed to be fun :bicycle:


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Thank you folks; I think I shall do a little trundle to a cafe, as suggested, but also have a think about the effectiveness of what I am doing...

I suspect I may have been trying to fit in with a training buddy's style of riding, which didn't work for me, and I think I may be very much a "slow twitch" sort of person (longer, slower rides work well for me), and trying to follow a buddy who likes short, fast rides has caused me problems.
This is why I ride alone mostly.

I think finding someone who matches your pace and style of riding can be tricky.

You end up either feeling hassled to do more than you're comfy with, or held back by a proper dawdler.

I had a German guy keen to ride with me for a couple days on the solo tour I'm just finishing (hopefully)

He was much younger and looked sportier, but we seemed well matched in pace.

Either that, or he was just pretending so as he could enjoy my scintillating company for longer :rolleyes:
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