How do I get a MyCyclingLog ticker in my signature?


First of all, you'll need to register at MyCyclingLog:

Then you'll need to join the CycleChat group: (click the Request Membership link)

Once you've done that you'll need to add your ticker details to your signature here at CycleChat.

Click on your user account drop-down menu (top right) and select Signature (or click here:

Then copy and paste the following code into a plain text editor (like Notepad.exe on your PC) and then copy and paste it into your signature box (if you just do a straight copy from this thread it adds a lot of junk formatting in and won't display properly!!):
... making sure to replace USERNAME and 000000 with your MyCyclingLog username and your own personal mileage goal.

You can also change the units in the ticker by replacing units=mi in the code above with units=km for Kilometers and units=b for Miles/Kilometers.

If you have any problems getting your signature working, just post in the support forum and I'll do my best to help. Please note that the ticker only interrogates the MyCyclingLog system every hour or so and therefore won't immediately update your progress after you log.

Shaun :biggrin:

Please note that this ticker is provided by Lock from the Bicycle Victoria forums ( and he's kindly shared it with people from CycleChat/YACF as part of the friendly mileage rivalry between us.
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