Hi New to the forum broken wrist advice?

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Americanpie, 14 Aug 2019.

  1. Americanpie

    Americanpie New Member

    Advice please my husband has broken his wrist and its pinned, he's due to have the cast off next week 22nd. However we are going to France on the 1st Sept and were hoping to cycle. Any thoughts please? One doc suggested he could cycle one handed! Thanks.
  2. ColinJ

    ColinJ It's a puzzle ...

    Couldn't he keep the cast on until after the holiday? If so he could try THIS approach!
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  3. OP

    Americanpie New Member

    Hi Colin, thanks for the "splint" thing, looks good. No way will they let him keep his cast on but we have purchased a splint support for his wrist. Kath
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