Hi Everyone, we are enthusiastic cyclists and founders of a new bicycle accessory brand and need your insights!


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We are the founders of RIDR, a cycling brand that stands for safety and visibility. A few months ago we launched our first product.

As we always want to improve and get better we would love it if you could please give us 2 minutes of your time and take part in our survey.

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I’d love a front bike light that was designed with a properly focused beam for road use, not one that whacks out as many lumens as possible in all directions and blinds everyone else.
I can use up to 4 front lights with the twin lamp Electron set and a couple of Cateye 'Opticube', :becool:

For the benefit of the OP that's about $350-400 worth of front lights, still working fine after 15yrs or so use. I also regularly use 2-3 rear lights for redundancy in case one fails (all Cateye)
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Christ, you think that's an acceptable safety zone?

It's not a new idea and all it does is invite close passes. It's bloody awful.
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I have my safety gear and lights already so don't need to spend $50 & $30 regularly.
The lights I use when I go out are the bikmate (Aldi) copies of Moon Cobb lights. They seem to do basically the same job as these. If not I'm happy to be convinced otherwise.
Won't fill in survey as it seems for US customers.
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