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Hi everybody from a wet and wild Isle of Man, I must admit i have been a long time lurker, I have enjoyed all that I have read so far, some good advice and most taken, I love how the threads go off topic!! I have just stopped commuting as I am between jobs at the moment, it was only short anyway!! I ride a Gravel bike (groan) however I built it up myself from a carbon frame, Hunt wheels 38mm tyres and a mix of 105, GRX and mountain bike calipers, I also have a road bike Canondale Ultegra Synapse an old Peugeot that is not a high end model, however I restored it including a paint job from Bob Jackson,s just because I could! One of the last Gary Fishers a Hook Hoo E Koo (before all his bikes became Gary Fisher by Trek), 2nd Gary Fisher, the first was a Tassajara..... strange names but good bikes.


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