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Off you go to a authorised and equipped retailer.

That is one thing that puts me off certain manufacturers, locked into taking your equipment just to get an update.

My Tesla doesn't need to go anywhere for latest and greatest updates
Same for Fazua-based bikes - do it yourself updates via a quite well hidden USB port. Perfect! Everybody wins, and the LBS in particular can get on with 'proper' spannering!

For ebikemotion (Orbea, Ribble, etc), the main components supposedly have to be registered together by a dealer app in order work with each other, so I suspect ebikemotion is a closed system. Backward old school thinking. Having said that, I've swapped ebikemotion wheels over and it worked fine.

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Know need to go off and get it done, as bike works great so will leave it for a bit yet. Happy riding :smile:
It won't matter if you don't get it done for a few months, maybe longer.

At some point the version you have might stop working, but equally it might continue to work as it does now for years.

Be interesting to hear what you think of the bike.

I doubt many on here have any experience of the Mahle motor - I haven't and I've ridden a lot of ebikes.


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MAHLE are a very well respected automotive component manufacturer, far more so than Bosch, so it will be interesting to see if their mojo has rubbed off on their ebike motors too.
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