Hello from Switzerland (Expat Brit)


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Hi All,

Hopefully i've found a great, active and newbie friendly forum, it certainly looks very organised and welcoming.

I guess i'm a typical late 40's (slightly over weight) fella that used to love riding his BMX in the early 80's and now wants to gets some miles under his saddle on the road.

Looking forward to learning more



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I've visited Switzerland briefly a few times: I stayed in Genève for a few days in 2016 then again last year, on my way to/from the Alps, and in 2017, I crossed from Italy into Switzerland then back into Italy on a Passo dello Stelvio ride. I like what I've seen of Switzerland. :smile:
Welcome! I am brand new here today and have received the warmest of welcomes. I'm also an expat Brit in the USA - wanna swap? I'll take Switzerland any day, lucky you. I am actually considering an organized cycling holiday there or France. I am dying to tackle some of those hills (or I am just over ambitious for my abilities!
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