Hello from Oxford

Hi and :welcome:
I once worked in Cowley.


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Cheers guys :smile:

Welcome! I spend time in Oxford each summer and I could never cope with riding there. Quite apart from living my biking life on the “wrong side” of the road here in the USA, they are crazy!

but, the surrounding countryside .. so pretty !
Thanks! I love the city / area but completely agree.. traffic, terrible road surfaces and appalling infrastructure provision for cyclists make it riding in the city far less pleasant / more difficult and dangerous than it could be. Looks utterly pitiful compared to some of the European citys that actually take cycling seriousl :sad:

Welcome to CC.

My brother lives in Carterton so I'll so hello with that tenuous link to Oxford.
Thanks - Carterton's a bit far out for me but i have ridden through there a few times in the past :smile:
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