Handbags at STRAVA


I read that on Twitter earlier. The example KOM isn’t even that fast. If the rest are the same, then there’s no surprise that they’re beaten.

It’s a ridiculous set of comments though. I would spend the next few rides taking a few more off him, if I found comments like that on my rides!

In work, there are a few very capable riders. As and when I get a KOM, I tell one rather fantastic rider in order that he can have a go. He generally takes the KOM soon enough, but it’s great when he needs a couple of attempts. It’s all part of the fun.


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Nice with ice-cream and chocolate sauce, or is that profiteroles?



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Cyberbullying? This should not of warranted an entire news page dedicated to it.
Not until they started making up routes that were deliberately fixed with drawing pins & bush-lurking assassins.
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