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I'm having problems navigating the minefield that is gravel tyres. I have been running some Panracer Gravelking 35's for a few months now and they ride great. However, at that size or bigger they only do tubeless compatible tyres and I don't want to run tubeless (maybe one day, but not yet) so this means they are incredibly difficult to get on/off the wheel. So what are everyone's recommendations for decent gravel tyres suitable for 50/50 road/gravel mixed riding.

Requirements are -

Easy to put on / remove (so basically non-tubeless)
At least 35 width but preferably 38-40 ish.
Decent on the road as well as on light gravel (farm tracks etc - I'm not intending to do really heavy duty stuff, I've got my MTB for that)

Thanks is advance for the help.


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My Kinesis G2 came with Schwalbe G-ONE Allround (38s). I'm no expert on gravel tyres, but they've been great for a mix of light gravel and roads.
My Merlin Gravel came with Clement X’Plor in 36 width. Only done one road ride so far and was really impressed at how well they rolled on tarmac, but look well capable of tackling gravel and light mud. Can’t tell you how easy they are to install/remove as I haven’t had to do it yet.


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I have tubes in my Gravel Kings. It was easy. Whats your problem?
What size are your Gravelkings ? Anything above a 35, I think, are tubeless compatible. It took two of us to get the tyre on the rim and there is no way I could get it off / on if I was out on the road. They ride great and are perfect for what I use them for but really tough to get on / off the wheel.


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Challenge Gravel Grinder 38.
Absolutely cracking mixed use tyre. Brilliant on road and on most light off-road surfaces (not so good in the mud, but you cant have everything).
Another vote here for the Challenge Gravel Grinder. I've had the 38mm version as well and they have been equally at home pounding the forest trails as they have been on the road. An absolute breeze to put on and off the rim, though I've only had the one puncture so far in a few thousand kilometres.


My bike came with 35mm Kenda tyres.
Easy to get on and off, but I started getting a few punctures after about a year of regular use.
Swapped to Schwalbe Marathon + 32s now.
So far I haven't had to try and get them off.


Barlow Pass from Compass or their Steilacoom tyre for heavier off-road. Both are 38.


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I had 38mm Schwalbe G-One Allrounds and they were a good tyre and easy to fit. I’m currently running Hutchinson Overides in 38mm and they fitted very easily but have a smoother tread than the G-Ones.

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It might be rim-dependent. I have the Panaracer tyres (in 650B x 38 form), which I originally ran with tubes, but are now tubeless. I have had no problem with fitting or removal.
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