Giant Defy 2008 Mudguard Advice


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Having been through about one set of GIant Defy mudguards per year for the past decade only to find A) They break apart at the joints AND B) Do not have break away plastic joints forcing one over the handlebars if you get a twig in the front wheel I wish to try a different brand.

Does anyone with a Giant Defy have a good experience with another product ?

I tend to run 700x25c in winter so not alot of clearance.

These look good



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I had the unhappy experience of Giant's own brand mudguards snapping at the bridge & getting sucked up into the wheel, jamming it under the brake. The derailleur hanger then gave way.

I have SKS raceblade longs on my Giant TCR and have found them to be very good. I also run 25s.
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