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So not roulette or blackjack?


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City of heroes
Old pc mmog that got closed but was kept alive on a private server which became public this year , they are now in negotiations with game producer to get a license to run it officially although they don't seem bothered about the unofficial server as they havent shut it down .
Play this when i get a bit of free time as i dont really watch tv


More an Xbox man and really kinda gone off since I got the xbox 1, so much so, I still pull out the old 360 from time to time as the classic games were so much better on every level.


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Don't play any, but my son plays Project 2 Cars - Logitech G27 and all that guf and 3 screens (PC Gamer). Daughter has Xbox One and PS4 and Laptop. League of Legends on laptop, Minecraft and COD Xbox, more COD and Overwatch on PS4


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My relationship with gaming is a long and not particularly happy one. I don't want to go all "woe is me" on a thread about a hobby that can be very uplifting, cerebral, engaging and entertaining, but as with anything, moderation is the key. This is not a lesson I have internalised. :crazy:

Euro Truck Simulator and a podcast is a pretty great way to relax, though.

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Tom Clancy's The Devision, best game ive ever played.. It just keeps on getting better.

Play as a 2 man team with my mate, just hpurs of great fun


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Red Dead Redemption looks pretty good to me but I play on a PC and I haven't seen a PC version (if there is one). I've been watching somebody's playthrough on Youtube and it does seem ny kind of game.

Fallout 4 is the game I've been playing for ages. I'm on my third run through, choosing different options each time. I like the building side of it as well. I have several other games, like Skyrim, Call of Duty etc., but I keep coming back to Fallout. The online Fallout 76 doesn't appeal to me at all though.
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