Fuji Track Pro Pista


Is it for track only? Can't see any brakes and front forks are probably not drilled for a brake.

Wheels are nice, but tyres are flat (no tubes would explain that) and the chain is slack, so not being looked after.

Saddle height to bars seem extreme and that seat post cannot be lowered? But the seat tube looks like it will take a round post, so you would be able to get a lower position.

If a genuine seller and a new bike, probably reasonable value if you consider the points above.


Found in the Yorkshire hills ...
It's a track bike and one we see quite a lot of at the velodromes.

Looks like the aluminium-framed model although the Ellipse wheels are the older version. Carbon cranks are popular.

It's worth about £350-450 UK so $600-750 here.
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