Fuji Track Classic 2014 Upgrades


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Hi All,

I have a 2014 Fuji Track Classic. I love it - a solid bike that has served me well nearly 6 years. I have some pictures to show it's evolution! I've recently swapped out San Marco saddle, new Shimano PDM520 pedals, removed rear brake and changed awful red front brake cable to a more subtle black one. I want to improve the looks of the bike further. I'd like to:

New Crankset (I'm currently running 46t - options below are anything from 48-51t):
https://www.spacycles.co.uk/products.php?show=4542 or https://www.planetx.co.uk/i/q/CSSTTR2K/stronglight-track-2000-crankset

I'd like to fit chrome seatpost. Any suggestions?

I'd like to change to quil stem (I've always hated the Fuji stock stem and massive handlebars!!) and chrome handlebar similar to the setup seen in the Philippe bike attached. Any idea how I might achieve this? I'd like to change to chrome headset also.

Thank you all :smile:



I might be wrong, but you would need to change the forks to go back to a quill stem. You can get adaptors to use old forks with new "oversized" stem and bars, but not vice versa I think.


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Thanks. In that case I might be better off getting old steel frame similar to Philippe bike with this setup and build it up. Any ideas where I might start looking or nice retro steel frames ideal for track setup? I'll keep the Fuji too. Thank you


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This is mine as per the thread here:https://www.cyclechat.net/threads/new-project-fuji-track-classic.259720

These days it's running retro Durex tub wheels and is used on rollers for training. I'm hoping to grasstrack it next year and it's a spare track bike in case of emergencies.


A seatpost should just be a standard fit - it'll be 31.6mm or 34.9mm, I can check if needed.

The crankset is a standard square taper, so any square taper will fit. If you're looking to change to something else it'll require a different bottom bracket. Alternatively you could just get a different chainring with the correct bcd; it's a 130bcd from memory but again I can check if needed.

The frame's designed for a modern stem as stated above. I did try to fit a carbon fork to mine but it was going to be remove track use. If you're looking to change that you would be better looking at a retro road bike with track drop-outs or a retro track bike, although those won't be drilled for a front brake.
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Velo Orange makes nice threadless stems, I have one on my Surly Steamroller along with their cartridge headset. I've sold my Fuji Track since the Steamroller serves pretty much the same niche and can take larger tires for a little off pavement/snow use, but mine had bullhorns with TT brake levers. One of those bikes you wear as much as ride. It was a 2005 and was sold to a friend who is still riding it when the streets are free of snow and ice. Come to think of it, I also put a VO cartridge headset on it along with SPDs.
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