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Well worth a listen. Selected from interviews the 80s. Not heard all, but what I have heard tells me that Biden was/is a thoroughly decent chap that /had/has a good vision for how America should be. Interesting some of the parallels with today about how Republicanism divides the nation.
No politician is perfect, but he sounds pretty good to me...I guess that's why it took him so long to be elected....

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Indeed and just before that prog an interview with Barack Obama. Quite a contrast with Trump's tweets.
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Saw the Obama interview - yes, a decent bloke. Might listen out for the R4 on catchup.

I get some views that Biden is a career politician, therefore must be awful, but in comparison to the shambles of the past 4 years under the lunatic Trump, I think he will be a breath of fresh air, & give America a chance to be respected on the world stage once again.


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career politician, therefore must be awful, but in comparison to
That's another thing that now seems a very relative problem! Let's look at the typical alternatives:
- lawyers
- reality TV Hosts (and failed hoteliers)

Perhaps if we rephrase "politician" to "public servant" ... ?
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Might be BS, but heard him talking on the radio last year, he would take public transport when serving in lower office to try and stay connected.


Nope, that's definitely true. He's apparently a massive rail enthusiast and chose to travel from Delaware (where he was a Senator) to Washington by Amtrak train at every opportunity for like 25 years - so much so that he basically knows virtually all of the staff on that line by their first names!
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