Front Fairing For Trice QNT


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Folks, I'm looking for a used fairing for a 2009 QNT. Which of the various fairings should I be looking for, please? What are your experiences with them.

Trike is being ridden primarily on the Isle of Wight and it can get windy along Military Road! Last week my wig took off and reportedly landed in Denmark..

Mr Magoo

The best known Euro "jelly mould " fairing is the Streamer made by HP Velo *(one size fits all)
Zipper USA are the original with many custom styles
Mueller USA now under the Terracycle brand offer the widest range .
They cost a lot …..why ….because they are blown moulded not vac moulded .
All of the above are "lexan" Polycarb and have a neat feature ?
Dispite looking like a three dimensional shape
You can remove and roll into a 12" dia tube
Note the ironmongery and fittings can amount to a third of a price
Before you chase after used …...are you fully aware of new prices here in the UK
Sourcing direct from Trumville Land can be tempting and comes with a sting ……..
FAIRING $$$$$ price + airfreight + tariff duty on those elements ….exchange rates £"£"£... Oh and 20% VAT ….ouch :boxing:
With used versions you need to look out for scuffs and scratches and holes and splits .
A rethink of lighting position would be sensible
The fairings are not optically clear
Don't overlook "mini" foot zone fairings
Hope that helps …….
Most of my sales are in the winter months ….I wonder why :cold:


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Cheers Mr. M. So which do you recommend? I may well go for a mini. Who stocks and sells these in the UK, please?


Perhaps This One.....
Here's mine with the HP Velotechnic Streamer fairing on.

ICE TRICE Q as bought 2.jpg

Not my pic, but one the previous owner took. I tend to ride minus fairing and mudguards, but I test rode with the fairing on in the rain and it does keep you dry.

Mr Magoo

Best to seek advice from forum members .
Of course I have my views …as a "Mr Recumbent Sales Person "….but don't attempt direct sales on the forum .
Hope you understand .
Forgot to say enjoy the Q ……...have you found the serial number 4 digits first one is the build year ***
Punched/Stamped on the underside of the centre cruciform
*(you might need a brass rubbing or shadow light to reveal de numbers .)
Ignore the stamping on the front boom that's just a batch number .
I have many Q T series parts new and used and probably the only stockist of rear swing arm bearing bush kits .
Quite easy to check for play and often over looked until you hear creaking sounds or it seizes up .
Hint check your grade of shocker matches your weight and payload .
Then adjust Harder or Softer from a choice 3 (*mark 1 ) or 5 (*mark 2) variable positions to suit your riding style
This will avoid the pogo effect or red red bobbin …….(just hum if you don't know the words ) out on the road .
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