FNRttC Friday Night Ride: London to Whitstable - 9th August


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Actually - I've just had a look.
Assuming it's SouthEastern that's the issue, I think it's OK after early morning on Saturday. Just Cannon Street shut.
So I think the HS1 is running.

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There seems to be a difference of opinion between the National Rail app, their website, and the Southeastern timetable. Whichever, we might get grief because of the number of riders trying to get on at Whitstable.


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Have just checked Southeastern & National Rail journey planners. Appear to be no issues whatsoever on trains into STP or Victoria on Saturday.

Never been a problem getting on westbound trains from Whistable after a ride. Plenty of trains & not everyone piles on to one or two....


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Any idea what the weather is supposed to be like, the Met Office says wet, but they’re not reliable. I know there are folks here that use other weather guides, or witchcraft, or voodoo or summat?
Which is?...……………………...
As far as I can see, southern/network rail's 'works' on the Vic to ?Littlehampton line stop at 05.15 saturday morning. Even if they overrun a couple of hours, trains should run when we need them, certainly to Angmering, and you can change anywhere from Hove and onwards westwards. Easy? Hope so.

edit: for clarity - e.g. 12.16 Vic to Bog arrives 14.30; 1 change; £17; (going via Preston Park and Worthing, not via Horsham and Arundel)
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