Freewheel removal and I'm beyond lost


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For the last couple of days, I've been cycling my fixie bike (which has a flip flop hub and I use the freewheel end) and I suddenly peddling stopped responding with the back wheel completely. I gave the freewheel a clean with soapy water but no improvement. I thought if I took the freewheel off completely and gave it a thorough clean with a penetrating oil may help. But the process to take it off has me worried I've broken the whole back end. After initially looking at the freewheel, I saw no obvious freewheel remover tool I could use. I thought maybe taking off the nut in the first image will reveal some sort of notch or something but I ended up taking off the wheel hub for flip sake. Little balls and grease came out of both ends of the wheel. Its a lil bent right now cos I genuinely dont know how to get these balls back in. I think I can juss apply new grease and put new balls into the wheel hub and that should do the trick but WHAT ON EARTH IS THAT FREEWHEEL AND HOW DO I TAKE IT OFF. Please help, Im so lost. Thank youuu




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Oh dear ,one of those quick 5 minute jobs ,we've all been there. You're right there does not appear to be any notches for removal tool , wonder if freewheel put on wrong way round. Only help I can give is YouTube has a number of videos how to butcher your freewheel off. May give you some ideas. Welcome to the forum and good luck .
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Just drench the freewheel with a light oil, dribbling it in the gap. Spin it until it sounds okay then let it drain. Then stick the balls back in with grease and replace the cone, locking it in place with the locknut.


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Sort of. You unscrew the cone clockwise using the dimples (it'll be fairly tight but not insanely tight), dismantle it and then use a bg spanner or vice on the pawl flats ofvthe freewheel body.
I feel for you I’ve been there myself a long time ago and ended up taking it to the lbs who whipped it off in a few minutes I then replaced it with a new cog that has much easier way to remove, Shimano I believe


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Thank you so much for your help everyone!! I managed to get the freewheel off using that exact video. But my earlier mistake by accidentally opening the hub I've bent the axel and i have no clue what the original spacing left on either side of it was. But seeing as though it is a flip flop hub (I think...because theirs a fixed wheel on one side and freewheel on the other)... I could get a new axel of the same size as the old one and leave an equal number of threads on either side?
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