Free - Cateye Strada (wired) - used but working

Hi all, as per title I've got a Cateye Strada free to a good home. It's only surplus to requirement as I thought I'd lost it and had bought a new Strada Cadence, and then found this one!! Since I had a new one and it had the cadence meter I've fitted it so now this one's going begging. I've cleaned it (honest!) and checked it and it works fine. There is a small amount of damage to one side of the bracket where a small part of the plastic rim broke off some while ago but the computer itself is securely held despite this.
I haven't got the instructions but they're in PDF form here
It'll be first-come-first-served if you're interested, so please either p.m. me or reply to this message :smile:
Any questions, please ask.IMG_20190214_134810688.jpg
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Hi can I get this if it’s still available please?
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