FREE: 20" wheel, 9-speed freewheel (electric hub) - collection only, Newmarket

Bad Machine

In the garage .....
East Anglia
Free - for collection only. Between Newmarket and Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

20" rear wheel, with 9 speed freewheel electric hub motor
labelled EZ-R-10039-3
Inner tube and tyre (worn) Schwalbe Big Apple - 406-50
8 wire connection
I know nothing more about it - it came as the rear wheel on a bike I bought to convert back to standard non-powered hub.
No batteries, no controller, nothing apart from what's in the photos. I have no idea whether it works.
You are welcome to it free of charge - must be collected before 16th September.
Message me if you're interested. 17th September it will be taken to the dump !



E- tadpole Triker
Interested and would pay shipping .
Too far for me ..

regards Emma


E- tadpole Triker
The final outcome of mating the wheel with the controller after soldering up the cut off wires showed the spray clutch to be faulty , never mind it was a nice drive out to meet bad Machine.
Hope to see you again

Regards Emma
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