Found a Bargain? Do Tell.

Followed up Cunobelin's advice on this thread about using a 3w Tesco torch as a front light. £10 in my local store + a bracket = magnificent brightness! Mounted with an EL530, which I don't rate very highly...

£12 online - here.


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Decathlon are selling off last season's replica team kit - CSC, Caisse D'Epargne and AG2R. It varies from store to store what they have in stock, but they're roughly half price.


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If anyone (like me) is looking for winter lights...

Shopping last night in Tesco I bought their 3 watt Cree LED aluminium torch for...£12. Looks very similar to me to the Fenix torches (well I hope so anyway). Another fiver on a lockblock and hopefully I'm good to go for my winter commuting.

£12....rude not to.

Good old Tescos! Last Saturday I got a pair of LED 'button' lights - the ones with a bit of elastic attached that you can lace into your helmet, coat or, originally, fix to a bike!(They have a grooved back, profiled for a seat stay etc)
One red, one white - each powered by two CR 2032 cells.
They have three modes - I prefer the first which is a sort of 'reverb flash' - like police lights, regular flash and on.
The white one illuminates everything, particularly the reflective signeage...twice now, I have had the comment "Looks like the Old Bill" :eek: So, not only are these lights seriously bright - they're very 'PC'.
£4 - less than the cost of four button cells.
Winter draws on - get some in...
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