Folding bike research survey


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Hi there, I am a Mechanical Engineering student who has been tasked with a group project to design and build a folding bike. As part of our market research we have created this short 2 minute survey aimed at cyclists in general, not just owners of folding bikes. I would really appreciate your time to complete the survey. Many thanks.


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Duly completed. No category for people that don’t commute, not everyone who uses a folder commutes on it and may have other reasons for buying one, like me.


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Fell apart a bit at question 5.

5. What is your main mode of transport for your daily commute? Bike;Car;Train/tram;Bus;Taxi;Walking

Like many people I don't have a commute at the moment. No option for none/other.

Gave up at that point.

All uphill

I didn't recognise you but I knew your bike

As above the lack of a "do not commute" option is poor.

My top priority for a folder is how easy it is to carry, but that wasn't an option either.

We really need an alternative to a Brompton so I wish you well with this, but it will need to be much better designed than your questionnaire!


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Done, with the the same reservations as previous respondees.
I'd also add that Q1 doesn't allow anyone identifying as non-binary the option to say so, if they wish.
And, once again, it would be nice if just once, someone posting a survey would come back when it's complete and provide a summary of findings. It's both courtesy and a way of thanking those who generously provided their data.
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