Folding bike (Brompton) mudflaps


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When riding behind somebody else's Brompton in wet weather, M6R to be specific, I could feel quite a bit of spray coming onto my face from that rider's rear wheel. The rear fender is on the short side and its mudflap is short. One reason for these sizes seems to be the interest in keeping the fender out of the way when folding the rear triangle. A stiff mudflap there helps to keep the extent of the completely folded bike under control.

As far as the front mudflap is concerned, I became aware of the Fahrer mudflap and made my version thereof, an improvement in terms of coverage compared to the original front Brompton mudflap. Is anyone aware of any improvement over the original mudflap in the rear? One observation is that it is easy to make even one's own back vulnerable when shortening the coverage there.


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Gotta be one of the easiest things to make yourself :okay:
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