Favorite Brompton Tips, Tricks, Accessories, and Mods


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I have many cheap mods.......among them are:
SPD 2 way pedals, good for regular shoes or SPDs
Velo Orange model 6 leather saddle (narrow, about 150 mm)
Chris King Gripnut headset...no adjustment in over 10 k miles.
I put a small bit of rubber fuel line type hose just big enough to fit over the suspension block bolt inside the elastomer. It no longer squeaks and the ride is very firm.
QR handle bar stem, in lieu of a bolt and moustache bars, taped, twined and shellacked with Dura Ace road brakes with a QR that allow for wheel removal without deflating the tire or loosening the brake. I replaced the 10mm brake cable bolts with Allens so I don't need to carry a 10 mm wrench. I find my Lezyne pump which screws on much easier to use than the kind that close with a lever.
Mountain bike/V-brake noodle on front brake.
Lightweight saddle bag large enough for a jacket, tool roll and 20 oz water bottle hanging off saddle.
A smallish home made front bag and and another larger one that holds about 6 books for choice options as well as the large open Brompton bag.
Very thin non rotating wheels to park the bike but not catch my shoes or boots when riding
12/17 sprockets and 58/38 chain rings (greasy finger shift) for lightweight but fairly large gear range. 78 to 36 gear inches.
Threaded hole in frame over rear triangle spindle allowing for adding heavy oil for bushing/spindle lubrication.
My LBS suggested tubeless tire sealant in lieu of Slime to prevent flats and so far, since using it there have been none.
I can fold this bike completely by using the stem QR to rotate the bars, but I really only do this to transport the bike by car, such as if I need to get picked up by my wife or for intercity travel. Might fold it all the way 5-10 times a year. Even so, I ride it a lot simply because I enjoy the ride, and the load carrying capacity.
All this was done over the 6 years or so I have had this bike and although I have some other favorites I ride also, if I could only have one this would probably be it for the type of riding I do.


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I think the best upgrade I made was getting the Bikegang 2-speed to 3-speed kit.


my tips and hacks for updating an older Brompton would be;

Later M type bars

Decathlon foam grips (only £3 and much nicer than the Brompton grips)

Seat height limiter

Eazy wheels

Frame clip

Used later Brompton saddle (these pop up on eBay for about £15-20)

Later 2018 dual pivot Brompton brakes, (these are really effective and transform an earlier bike)

Shimano BL-R550 levers

Universal luggage adaptor (not expensive and means you can fit a proper mesh basket to the front luggage block)

I would also recommend using genuine Brompton dealers and not eBay, they’re quite a bit cheaper. eBay is fine for hard to find parts and used stuff.


I want to be able to carry stuff on the front. Mine came with a carrying block - what else do I need / isn't really expensive?


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I want to be able to carry stuff on the front. Mine came with a carrying block - what else do I need / isn't really expensive?
You can buy the frame on it's own and use that to attach your own bag to. Several people have done this as official Brompton luggage is very expensive. Obviously, it's designed for the official luggage, so some modifications may/will be needed to get A. N. Other brand bag to fit.



I use mine most days, best thing is that it clips off in seconds and I use it as my shopping basket



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