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Done. Then I had a read of their manifesto... climate change deniers basically.

One thing I did learn from them is that Quentin Wilson is a "popular" motoring journalist! That surprised me, I always thought he was a smarmy, baldy bellster of a motoring journalist.


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As usual a load of biased BS from them. I was however nice enough to answer their 'survey', but I am not sure they will like the answers. What worries me is that they have a reasonably loud voice.


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Not sure I fall into the demographic from whom they were hoping for a response, but I gave them one anyway. I'm generous like that.
It's quite a while since I've seen such a poorly constructed survey. <thinks> Actually, it's not, but don't let that detract from how pitiful it is. How one might conduct a meaningful analysis from such response options is ... open for debate. I look forward to receiving a copy of their report.


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Done, and I'm pretty sure they wont like it!


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My favourite was

What do you believe is Sadiq Khan's MAIN REASON to unilaterally increase the London Congestion Charge by 30% and extend the charging period
To cover loss in public transport income
To reduce the London Mayor's TfL RECORD DEBT which stands at 13bn
To help lower vehicle emissions
To reduce vehicle congestion
OK - the CAPs are my own, but it reads like an article in a tabloid. I'm surprised that there wasn't an "if you could torture the evil Sadiq Khan, which would be your preferred method...?" question. Although the follow up of "how do you feel about US SUING HIS ARSE OFF?" question got close...

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Anyone else get this e mail? Mail or Express? Two thirds of drivers surveyed had had an altercation with a cyclist!

Please can you help:
We are working closely with a major National Newspaper, regarding the increasing number of restrictions to accessing roads in our Cities. If these local authority policies are affecting your work or business, please contact me urgently. We need case studies for this major article that will be read by millions. If you know of other businesses impacted by road restrictions, please also let me know.
You kindly completed the recent FairFuelUK road user survey. Full results will be with you very soon. In the survey, 9,082 small businesses were asked as to what the impacts of these urban council policies are, such as charges, bans or road restrictions, on their operations. Here is what they said:
  • 66.8% have had altercations with cyclists
  • 61.4% are working longer hours
  • 43.6% will have to increase prices
  • 37.8% say they will lose customers
  • 33.2% may decide to not work in their city again
  • 28.9% considering laying off staff
Anti-driver policies seem never ending. Local authorities, funded by central Government, cluelessly blocking city roads from vehicle access, congestion charge hikes, new ultra-low emission zones, an epidemic of cycle lanes eating into existing roads, as well as environmentalists calling on the Government to make drivers pay more and more. These decisions have been taken without consultation too. All road users should be consulted, not just the political stakeholders, with an emotive green agenda, who don’t even contribute financially to our road’s infrastructure, but have the loudest voice. This is what FairFuelUK is fighting agains on your behalf.
So, please get back to me by email if you’ve been affected too by these needless anti-driver city policies. If you are happy to be quoted in the press, it will be most helpful and will help our fight with ignorant politicos for common sense on our roads. Please reply within the next 2 days. You will make a difference.
Kind regards and many many thanks
Howard Cox
Founder of the FairFuelUK
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