Facet joint arthritis


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While my problem isn't facet joint arthritis, my OA is causing me the same problems, difficult to manage pain and difficult to balance meds and their effects.
Paracetamol and ibrufen...useless for me.
Cocodamol, better pain releif but constipation issues and of course you can't just keep loading up with them, codine addiction and stomach problems are possibilities. I've refound my love for dates, that certainly helps with the constipation...why take another tablet when there's natural solutions out there ?
Voltarol tablets. I've always had a bad back and self medicated (very limitied use over the years for safety) and they do more for me than anything else I've tried.
My mum uses Naproxen for RA and they make her bit gaga sometimes so I'm reluctant to try them (assuming the docs thought them allropriate)

And then the how much exercise and when question ? I know I've limited my time on the bike because sometimes I just ache so much theres no desire to get out and the worry I'll feel even worse post ride. That said, with a bit better pain management this last week I've managed around 30 miles ebiking and 26 miles road biking and am ,looking to be out against today. Worryingly my knees have played up a bit as well now, I was worried OA was now effecting them too now but I hope it's just stress on them because of the limited time on the bike. It's difficult to unravel it all sometimes..
My docs did say, keep strong, don't give up or the symptoms may well get worse.
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